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A Sinister Six, lovecraft, short horror stories

A Sinister Six

Praise for A Sinister Six

"5 stars! 6 incredible stories!" 

"Boseley is a master of designing these perfectly horrid stories, and brings the reader into his mind."

"The titles of the stories just bring you in and then ... the story keeps you shivering." 

"Truly horrifying dark , fast pace book . It is a great book!"

"There are six incredible, magnificent, and horrifying stories. Yes, they truly are sinister." 

"There is a lot of "Poe"-ishness within these stories."

"The writer is at his best in the realm of these mild-mannered beta men who can turn on a dime into something quite monstrous."

‘A Sinister Six’ is a collection of darkly disturbing stories, where the ordinary and mundane become extraordinary and fantastic.

Come along, as we journey to the edges of reality and glimpse what lies just beyond our reach. Discover that nothing is quite what it seems, and explore the horrors that travel with us throughout our lives.

The characters you will meet within have been forced beyond the boundary of their reality and have encountered what lies beyond.

Die, Blossom Bloom is the story of TED HARRIS, an old man who feels a yawning chasm of grief and guilt from the loss of his wife and the way her life ended. Keeping these details secret leads him to commit acts he never thought himself capable of.

The Girl in the Park tells the tale of a boy who encounters an enigmatic young woman in the park. As he grows, he begins to fall in love with her, but it is only at the end of his life that he discovers how he can be with her.

A Snap of The Fingers asks the questions What would you do for a loved one? Would you die for them? Would you kill for them? Ten-year-old SETH ROGERS is asked that very question by a stranger that offers to save his mother from the cancer that is killing her.

The Photograph A photograph is rediscovered decades after it was lost, only now the picture has several new faces in it, faces that were not there when it was taken.  

The Book demands to be read. It needs to be read. Doctor MONTE HILTON is tasked with helping a man that believes The Book is urging him to read it and that the very existence of our universe is in danger if he does.

I’m Watching You is the story of one man’s descent into insanity. Long hours and late nights force MIKE to question what is real and what is imagined. Some people can only be pushed so far before something breaks. 


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