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Die, Blossom, Bloom
Praise for Die, Blossom, Bloom

"My attention was grabbed by the first paragraph, I had to read more." 

"...its true meaning only gradually appears in a masterful narration that soon turns surprisingly dark."

 "This story held so much emotion, the pages oozed with loneliness, grief, love, and guilt." 

"...the message and feelings I received from reading "Die, Blossom, Bloom" were profound to me, connecting boldly." 

"Too dark, perhaps, for some readers, as this is not a novella for the squeamish."

A pensioner with a newfound love of gardening, TED HARRIS is haunted by the memories of his wife’s death.

A regular competitor in the village ‘In Bloom’ competition, GERALDINE BUTLER-THOMPSON is keen to put Ted down at any opportunity, and is more than happy to share her thoughts on his garden.

As Ted’s life with his wife is revealed, we get a glimpse into the love that they shared, before things started to go wrong. The choices that he made haunt him still, and Butler-Thompson pushes him to reveal more than he is willing to, leading to a showdown with JORDAN, Butler-Thompson’s son.

This confrontation pushes Ted towards what he sees as an inevitable conclusion, and a final showdown with Butler-Thompson.


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